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Monitor Facebook groups for keywords

Track keywords on public and private Facebook groups and use ChatGPT outreach to increase your business revenue.

Turn mentions into leads

👀 Devi AI monitors public and private Facebook groups for keywords and mentions to increase your revenue from social media channels.
💬 Use AI-generated personal and brand replies to close deals with low effort.

Our Features

How to increase leads using Devi


Monitor Facebook groups for keywords

Track relevant keywords in private and public Facebook groups. No admin required.


Easy leads outreach using AI to save you time

Close 60% more leads with ChatGPT outreach by sharing helpful or promotional replies.


Influencer post detector for collaborations

Devi identifies influencers on Facebook groups so you collaborate and generate business value.


Identify hot leads with our ready-to-buy feature

Devi detects buy intent and influencer posts to find revenue opportunities for your business.

The best Facebook monitoring tool

We are powered by AI and supported by MIT.

One Plan for All

One price for Facebook groups, Twitter, LinkedIn, Reddit, AI Content Generator, AI News, and AI Landing Pages.


$49.9 monthly

  • Monitor 25 Facebook groups

  • Real-time keyword tracking

  • 1-Click Lead outreach

  • Buyer-intent detection

Track keywords and mentions

Devi monitors Facebook groups, LinkedIn, Twitter 'X', Reddit, and the web so you can generate leads and look after your brand's reputation.


Close. More. Leads.

Use Devi AI-powered outreach feature to reply in seconds.

Step 1

Devi AI identifies the post with your keyword. You will receive an alert on your email and browser.

Step 2

In 1 click, you can generate a personalized reply to help the user or promote your business offer!

Step 3

Your reply will be visible to anyone who scrolls on the post. More eyes = more chances of generating leads.

Find value in online groups

Did you know that Facebook groups cannot be targeted by ads? Choose communities that cater to your niche audience and increase revenue.

They already increased their revenue with Devi AI


Devi is literally acting as my AI Facebook group monitoring assistant. It finds the relevant posts and leads which I then reach to close deals.

Ronald O.


Devi generated 50-60 high-intent leads on Facebook groups. It saves us time and money, especially when ads are expensive.

Franki M.

Marketing Manager at Startup


14-day free trial with Devi

Use Cases

Devi AI powers freelancers, startups and small businesses.


Real Estate

Find leads for your real estate business and close more deals in your area.


Travel Agents

Join travel groups to start monitoring for potential clients who want to discover the world. 



Got a service to promote? Use AI lead monitoring on Facebook groups as a cost-effective strategy.



Save money on ads and power up your social media management with AI lead monitoring.

Frequently Asked Questions

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Yes, you do not need to be an admin of a private Facebook groups to monitor it with Devi AI. You have to be a member and activate the monitoring. 

No, Devi AI offers unlimited keyword monitoring for public and private Facebook groups. 

Yes, it is automatic monitoring. You can see your data in your dashboard. Nonetheless, you can always start/stop the scan as required.

No, the tool does not store any data accessed or processed through it. Any data temporarily stored in the user's browser is only for the duration of the user's session and is not permanently collected or stored.

Turn social media into revenue.

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